Monday, April 18, 2011

Practice makes.. something

Man, I used to draw like.. all the time. Then I got a comic-related job and hardly draw at all. How the hell does that work really? I'm not really sure I can explain without sounding whiny but what it all boils down to is that after working all day 7 days a week at the tablet, my brain gets sucked of any energy and ideas. Big deal right? At least I'm not digging ditches or doing "real work". Still, something got crunked in the brain at some point.

A blank page used to be an opportunity for any number of creations. Sadly, these days, a blank page can look like an overwhelming sense of nothing. Which brings me to this blog. I'm hoping to at least force myself into post semi-regularly with doodles and whatnot. I'm hoping that in these early stages at least, it'll just be good practice and reawaken my brain. Most of the stuff will be crap, but hey if I'm lucky.. sometimes it might not be.

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