Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If I only had a brain..

.. then I'd come up with a better title than that. So I sat down to do some practice drawing again, but as often is the case, nothing came to mind. Fortunately, I remembered the scarecrow mask (not the Batman villain) that I made for last years Halloween costume. With nothing else better in mind to work with,  I started doodling some scarecrow silhouettes and hope that something would hit me. This is pretty much all I came up with, but hey at least I got some practice time in.

I liked the last one so I decided to work with that a little more. I basically just cut and paste the torso of that one and enlarged to play around with.

This ended being  the result. It's not a finished or refined drawing and was never meant to be. It's basically me just wandering aimlessly in the digital painting world and trying to learn something as I go along. Hopefully once I get better I can come back and do more of a finished piece.


  1. WANT! Very cool, Wesley! Are you practicing for that inevitable day when I ask you to draw a story of mine? Just sayin'...

  2. Hey if you can wait a decade for me to slowly get it done!

    I should find a song to set my drawing training to.

  3. This is fantastic! Just put on "Flight of the Bumblebee" and start churning more of this out!


  4. Thanks Dan!

    Not a bad suggestion.