Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So that was Free Comic Book Day 2011

This past weekend was this years Free Comic Book Day. For those of you not aware of the existence, FCBD is basically the one day a year where people can go into participating shops and get their pick form a selection of free comics. It usually comes around the weekend of a big movie release (usually superhero). I'm not sure if that was always the case, but it works well since people are still riding the high of the big budget movie and are more likely to head to a comic shop to read more stories involving their new favorite superhero.

But enough of that background stuff. Let's start over-ish. This weekend we went to Evil Squirrel Comics for their FCBD event. This was our local shop back when we lived in Rogers Park. Prior to living there, I had never bothered with a pull-box since I read comics in collected form, but that all changed when I popped into the shop. Shawn the owner is just plain awesome. He's a super-friendly guy and loads of fun to BS with. Picture comic-book buy on the Simpsons but opposite. Anyway, I wanted to support the local shop and have an excuse to stop by every week so there it was. Of course, now we live in Tinley Park, so it's no longer local and we can't stop there every week, but we still try to stop by there every few months just to see Shawn.  The future of this shop is a little unknown right now and it may or may not be around much longer, so Shawn and Decapitated Dan Royer made an awesome push to pull in people. Now, you'd think with the possible closing that it'd be all doom and gloom there but you'd be wrong. The place was packed that day and at times it seemed more like party than a shop. It also made me realize how badly it would suck if the store had to close down. We may not be there all the time, but I think the area is definitely better for having Shawn and his store there. It really does help to break that negative stereotype that often keep people out of the shops. If you're ever in the area you should stop in there.

Evil Squirrel Comics
6928 N Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60626

Tues- Sat 12 PM - 8 PM
Sun 12 PM - 4 PM

I did a terrible job taking photos. It was pretty busy there and I was also BSing with Raf Nieves (*thunk* that's the a name dropped with the weight of Mjolnir (and that's a reference to capitalize on the increased familiarity due to movie release.)) a lot when not buying everything in sight.

Oh, I will have a drawing related post later today, I just wanted to let this ramble-fest chill by itself for a while.


Brian manning the register

Amy, Tony and Shawn

Sheila and Amy

Raf and Decapitated Dan

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