Sunday, May 15, 2011

A squirrel goes bad

When I buy art books and collected comics, my favorite sections are usually the sketchbook or the process sections. At times, I may not even like the final piece, but I do like looking at how the artist got to that point.

I know I wanted to take a break from work and try drawing something, but I didn't really have any idea what. The FCBD event at Evil Squirrel Comics was still fresh in the mind and so I decided to putz around and make an evil squirrel. This isn't a "how to". I can basically count the number of times I've tried to paint on one hand. I've done quite a few things wrong and some things I don't like either, but it's just a look at how things went whenever I remembered to save the image as a new file.

Squirrel transformation
This basically the doodling phase of it. I started with that upper left one which still kinda looked like a squirrel, then I ended up in the lower right one. I actually like the feel of that lower right sketch more than I like the final product. There's a certain amusing energy and personality that I lost or changed on the way to the final product. Some artist are really good at retaining that energy, but I'm obviously not at that point yet.

So I cut and pasted the image and stretched it out a tad because I wanted to ditch the cuteness of it a little. That was probably a mistake in the end, but I do tend to think taller when I think evil. Probably because I'm so short in real life.

 I slapped a new layer on top and start to paint over things and work out the shapes.
Adding in details and trying to work out the lighting a bit.
I then added in the Mortal Kombat-ish flying green skulls. You know, because it's easier to tell who the bad guys are when they either shoot out or suck out green glowing skulls/souls. I also tried working out the background shapes a bit more.

I finish it up by adding some lighting to the background trees and throw in some fog.Yup. Skulls and fog. No cliches there! :P

And that's pretty much that. Nothing spectacular, but for now I feel like I'm learning and getting a little bit more comfortable so there's at least that benefit.

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  1. You're nuts!
    Sorry just had to write that. Very cool stuff, sir!