Monday, August 15, 2011

So Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con was this past weekend...

I seriously expected it to suck. We weren't able to attend the past couple of years since we were in St. Louis doing inventory. Almost every person we talked to have said the previous Wizard Worlds in Chicago have been terrible. So this year we decided to buy a weekend pass ( since we couldn't find any of the free pro registrations that they used to have) and braced ourselves for the worst.

It was actually pretty fun. We're just attendees, so we can't speak of sales or profits for the people actually working there, but from my point of view, the place looked pretty hopping. There wasn't much in the way of company representation though. Marvel, DC, Image, etc... no presence there. But Artist's Alley was HUGE. We got to stop by and visit all our usual friends so it was a fun time of catching up and BSing.

Anywho, our friends Dan Dougherty and Raf Nieves released their third issue of Bob Howard, Plumber of the Unknown. They were nice enough to let me contribute a pin-up for it. The drawing was done a little while back but I kinda sat on it until after the book's release. I can finally show it now. Unfortunately, as time passes I realize I like it less than when I first did it. All the rough edges and flaws kinda pop out now... but that's life. Live and learn right?

So here's a step by step of it all.

Very rough sketch done in photoshop.
I blew up the sketch and printed it out in blueline then worked out the pencil details a bit more.
Then I slapped some ink on it and scanned it in.
Tweaked the threshold and cleaned up stray specs.
And finally greyscaled it up and tried to separate things a bit better. Then I emailed it off and went back to the day job :)