Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Friday! Small update

Happy Friday! You know what Friday means right?

Jack-all to us freelancers (am I right guys?). Anyway, not a whole lot has happened here. Over the past week, I inked the drawing for "Interlude". There are some things I like about it and some things I don't. The shadows in the water could have been done a lot better for one. I also missed a few things from the pencils. I'm not really an inker.. I can do a passable job, but others would do a much better job with it. Still, it turned out decently. It's also the first really finished looking image that I've done in quite a while.

Also, I penciled the second image for the book. It's a drawing based on the story "the Book of Horrible Stories." This one isn't as creepy, but I think the overall image is cleaner and should be easier to ink.

This was actually two very rough doodles that I assembled together in Photoshop and then printed a blueline copy.

And here's the final pencils after tightening it up.
One day I'm hoping to be able to keep the pencils looser and just do the finalized work in inks, but right now I'm basically trying to keep it as idiot-proof as possible. Especially when the idiot is myself :P.

On a non-art-related note.. tomorrow I'll be going to my cousins to play Magic: The Gathering for the first time since I was in high school. Basically the last time I played it, I was about half the age I am now. Scary. At one point, I thought the game was a fad that would die off, but it's got staying power and the artwork they have on there now is pretty kick-ass. So I guess this is kind of art-related.

Also. I'm old.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

And another month goes by...

Hey all. Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have gotten a bit busy since the last update. I had to wrap up the color recon for the second half of Marvel Masterworks Thor Vol 11 (release date March 14th 2012). It's been a slightly more forgiving schedule than some of the others in the past, but it still wasn't really anything I'd call relaxing. Still, I managed to get it done with lots of coffee and Stargate Atlantis streaming off netflix to the second monitor.

So what's new? Not much yet really. I'm working on trying to get back up to snuff in the drawing department. Our good friend Raf Nieves managed to talk me into braving the frightful waters of comic book drawing, so with any luck we should be putting something out... at some point. I've only gotten as far as a couple character sketches so far though.

On a similar note, I pre-ordered a Wacom Inkling. I know it's risky being an early adopter but it looks like a fun device to have for when I'm just sketching on the go.

In the meantime, Sheila will be assembling and putting out another book at some point and asked me to do some drawing for it. I've only done the pencils to one image, but it actually turned out pretty decent... But in an attempt to make it seem like I have more content than I REALLY have of the site... I'm adding a few prelim sketches.

The story involved a person swimming through a lake of dead. I started out with the sketch on the right but later decided it might be better to move the character up to have a better view of what's under the surface.
I then scribbled out a pose I liked for the girl and then did some very rough figures of the dead.

Then I scanned and enlarged it, repositioned the figure, converted to blueline (the lines were actually lighter than this file. I just darkened it so it's easier to see) and printed it out on a larger sheet of paper.
Then I  pretty much fumbled around until I ended up with this image. I might get rid of the sheet of paper in the upper right corner or at least rework it. Not too sure yet since at first glance it could potentially look like she was reaching for a shark fin.

So there it is.