Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Friday! Small update

Happy Friday! You know what Friday means right?

Jack-all to us freelancers (am I right guys?). Anyway, not a whole lot has happened here. Over the past week, I inked the drawing for "Interlude". There are some things I like about it and some things I don't. The shadows in the water could have been done a lot better for one. I also missed a few things from the pencils. I'm not really an inker.. I can do a passable job, but others would do a much better job with it. Still, it turned out decently. It's also the first really finished looking image that I've done in quite a while.

Also, I penciled the second image for the book. It's a drawing based on the story "the Book of Horrible Stories." This one isn't as creepy, but I think the overall image is cleaner and should be easier to ink.

This was actually two very rough doodles that I assembled together in Photoshop and then printed a blueline copy.

And here's the final pencils after tightening it up.
One day I'm hoping to be able to keep the pencils looser and just do the finalized work in inks, but right now I'm basically trying to keep it as idiot-proof as possible. Especially when the idiot is myself :P.

On a non-art-related note.. tomorrow I'll be going to my cousins to play Magic: The Gathering for the first time since I was in high school. Basically the last time I played it, I was about half the age I am now. Scary. At one point, I thought the game was a fad that would die off, but it's got staying power and the artwork they have on there now is pretty kick-ass. So I guess this is kind of art-related.

Also. I'm old.

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