Friday, February 3, 2012

And so another month goes by..

Remember when I updated this page regularly? Yeah, me neither. So here we re in February. 6 more weeks of winter has been predicted. Here's some drawings that I did a few weeks back. Nothing too fancy, but I really enjoy messing around with the Cintiq.

The image below was a reworking of an old doodle I did just for fun. I was just playing around with it and aging the character in the image.

The image below was just a painting form the ground up of a clown. I originally wanted to do a clown riding on a spider, but that's a bit beyond my skill level right now. I got lazy.

The next image is a painted version of  a drawing I had in my sketchbook (you might remember it from several months back). The original sketch did have it snowing, but I didn't like how that looked once it was painted over (probably because I did it poorly).

And this one was just me playing around with movement and color choices.

Finally, just for shits and giggles, here's the uploaded process of the Woodsman painting.

And.. that's all for now.