Sunday, May 20, 2012

St Elmo's Fire colored

So here it is, the colored up version of St Elmo's Fire. It's been a while since I've done a piece from pencils to colors. It turned out pretty decently if I do say so myself.. and I will if no one else says it :)

I'm also including the trial color tests that I did to try and figure stuff out ( I pretty much just ended up doing a mash-up of it all in the end).


  1. This is awesome Wes! I work with lightning, actually we engineer systems that maximize St. Elmo's Fire (Corona Discharge) over thousands of points (like the ships masts) so that it never goes into Streamer mode (which lightning needs to connect to the ground before it can discharge). Effectively we stop lightning from striking where we put our products using St. Elmo's Fire. Because of this, I often tell people "I play God" in a joking manner if they ask me what I do. I then follow up with how we do it... but it's a great joke! :) So yeah, I love this representation of it... maybe I'll have to start saying "I play St. Elmo"! :D