Friday, June 1, 2012

Inspried from real life

Here's a drawing from earlier today. It's based off of people I know. Basically it's mother and son pair of creatures. They're still connected via umbilical cord. She's strapped to him via thorny vines that dig into both of them and his legs are chained to large bricks so that he can't run away. Additionally, they're attracted to money but the reason for it is unknown since they don't actually spend it. They live together in a small cottage or home in the woods that's far too tiny for the both of them. Neither of them like each other, yet they still stay together.

Overall, it could have turned out better. I like the concept of the character so I'll probably revisit it at some point, but the drawing itself was basically a rough sketch that I decided to detail more. Done in Manga Studio 4.