Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And now for something.. not as original

Boy, today's uploads are both derivative works. Heh. First off, I have the colored version of the Adam and Teela in the garden of Eden pic. There's not too much to add to it other than.. it took way longer than it should have to color.

Now, for the second piece. I'm a big fan of pugs.. additional, I'm also a big fan of Mike Norton's work. As such, it's only natural that I'm a big fan of Mike Norton's Battlepug. I think it's one of the best web comics out there. Everything from the concept to the execution is top notch. So what does a reader do when they encounter such an original idea?

Gank it and do something that's.. pretty much a rip-off. However, it's not intended that way. My piece is meant to purely be an homage to Mike's great work. So here's WarWiener!

And here's some links Battlepug.com and the Battlepug on Facebook.

So the important thing about these two recent pieces is that I really enjoyed the source material. As such, I also enjoyed working on them and I think they turned out pretty well. I'm sure all artists feel this way at some point or another, but for the past 3 months or so I've pretty much been getting the feeling that my shot at ever making it as an artist were pretty much gone. I feel old and in a few weeks, I'll have been another year older. The six years prior were spent being a good worker and not necessarily a good artist. While I did my job and did it pretty well, in the end it didn't open too many doors for me overall. I've made some friends, but I'm still pretty much no better off than I was a decade ago really. My attempts at getting the creativity going after such a long hiatus were lacking. I'd sit and try to come up with something, but my mind was a complete blank. Ideas were nonexistent and execution was garbage. With the career situation being what it is, maybe it's time to get real..

Or maybe not. These drawings feel different. There was no major planning or any attempts to make things more than what they were. They're not perfect nor original by any means, but they're my attempts to do justice to the worlds that bring me joy.. whether it be for 30 minutes a day as a kid, or one day out of the week now. The motives were pretty pure.

It's a nice start I think. I know I can't make a career out of piggy-backing off of people's work. That wouldn't be fair to them or myself. BUT, it's nice to know that I still have some ink in the well.

Anywho, here's some of the work in progress stages for the WarWiener pic.

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