Monday, July 23, 2012

Ugh. 34

So.. I'm 34 today. Not really a major landmark in terms of things like the mid-life crisis or anything. But still, it's a time to at least reflect a little. Looking back at the past year, I'd have to say.. overall it wasn't particularly awesome. There are little nuggets of potential and hope in there, but overall the last half of it was less than stellar. No one really likes to look at a point in their life and go "Hmm... I was much better off last year than this". I guess sometimes life likes to throw you a big reset button on your work and make you start over. How badly do you want it right? But enough of the pity party.

Today's update will be a slap-dash bit of random things that I forgot to post the last week or so. There's not too much to say about them other than I was trying to experiment a little bit in each one. So.. pretty much a sketch dump.

This one was inspired by The Police song - Roxanne. Just color practice.

And this one is Mumm-Ra. Because I liked Thundercats as a kid. I still haven't seen the new one that got cancelled though. No cable

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