Saturday, October 6, 2012

Minor update

I don't really have anything too insightful to say today. Just popping in for a tiny update. Last month at some point I started doing some coloring work for Zenescope. This past week is when the first of the work hit the shelves, although to a very minor degree. I believe Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Bad Girls #3 came out this past wednesday. I colored a page of that (yup, 1 page). It was a deadline thing and they just needed that page done :).

NYCC is next week. I won't be there, but they're holding the screening for episode one of Grimm Fairy Tale animated series. I think one of the swag items is a copy of the comic based on the animated series (I think.. not 100% sure). Anywho I colored 8 pages from that as well.

Also at the end of this month, Grimm Fairy Tales issue 78 comes out. That book I actually did all the colors on the interior for. Check it out. Or not.. it's up to you really.

Lastly, here's a couple of drawings/paintings that I've done.

Wild Cymbal Monkey
This first one is based off of that freaky-ass toy I had as a kid.

Retro Space Gal
This one is just me playing with a simpler more animated coloring style (although it takes me almost as long to draw this as it does for a rendered or a painted piece :/). I just wanted to have a more fun image.

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